Bringing Cebu Pacific in the 21 century : A redesign

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I have always been an avid traveler. Mostly on spontaneous trips, like when I went to Palawan last year on a whim. Using Cebu Pacific as my airline choice because of their cheap flights and tickets.

Me being a User Interface designer, I couldn’t help but see the places where improvements can be made that will increase ticket sales, conversion and ease of use.

The goal of the redesign is increasing ticket sales, and improving ease of use.

after after

Promo sections with beautiful imagery

I believe that a big fraction of Cebu Pacific’s visitors are looking for promotions that they can use in the future. Currently, that section is hidden on another page where the user needs to click a link first before they can see the promotions. I believe that by putting it on the homepage. It will drive more traffic and clicks, thus improving sales.

Article section for travelers

An article section showcasing stories of other peoples travels. I believe that by having this section, we can entice users more to travel, and give them sense of wonder from the experience of other people.



Selecting flights in a beautiful interface.

I have never been a fan of the original interface for choosing flights. So I decided to go with a bold, flat look, but still has the beautiful shadows of the homepage

after after
after after
after after

Consistency with the Branding

Key to a great interface is being consistent with the elements of the application. Having guidelines on how they look, and interact with the user helps creating a more refined user experience.