Buy and Sell Iphone App WIP 4 – User Interaction

Here is the 4th post on my Buy and Sell iphone app that I’m working on. This time, showcasing the user interaction, and where everything goes when the user uses the application.


2 responses to “Buy and Sell Iphone App WIP 4 – User Interaction”

  1. dkermitt says:

    The flow of the app is intuitive and it’s easy to follow along from screen to screen. I think the UI is beautiful as well even if not fully fleshed out.

    I’ve been working on a conceptual e-commerce app and your work is, for the most part, inspiring.

  2. ]jimmerioles says:

    So cool! The UI mockup in every phase is so neat and perfectly highlights the needed details. It’s probably very challenging designing such info intensive ecommerce app. Awesome job!

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